This is a meme a made using a meme generator.

Connected - The Game

I only got 2687 points (for now) without the last part because the game didn't let me

The Anti - Malware Plan

Here it is a Thinglink about IT Security

Thinglink About DJ Set-Up

This is a Thinglink I made about a few of the parts of a DJ Equipment and what it does, hope you like it.

Software - Prezi

This is a presentation I made using Prezi talking a little bit about software.

Theo Jansen Creatures

This is a slideshow of the creations of Theo Jansen that are shown in the Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid 


Hi, these are my webmixes created with symbaloo one of them is my personal webmix and the other one is my High School webmix, hope you like them.

Julián Gallego 1ºB - Personal:

Julián Gallego 1ºB - High School:



High School